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Small Business Web Design

Small business web design

Start small and grow online while you do what you love,
because that’s the way we did it.

Small business web designer:

Is this what you need?

If you found our Business in Google, it means we did it right.
And this is what you need.

As a small business you need clients knocking your door,
or your Contact page!

It’s common that entrepreneurs and young brands start spending their time and energy in social media, creating marketing strategy, calendar content for posting everyday, and at the end, the algorithm changes.

So what’s the solution?

Make your website show in front of your clients when they are looking for your products or services.

Voilà! That’s called organic traffic.

But you might ask:
How to achieve potential clients find my business?

At Web Sirena we know how hard it can be to start from scratch and wait for clients to show up,
until we discovered the importance of SEO when building a website, and our life changed!

SEO is when your website is optimized for search engines,
which is essential for your potential customers to find you.

SEO for small business: more than a pretty web design

Let’s work together and create a keyword strategy for your website,
in order your products or services show right in front of your customers’ eyes
when they’re searching for them.

You will not only have a beautiful and attractive website,
but a functional one with integrated customer acquisition!

Stop waiting for clients

With our method, we are going to save you energy, time, and money,
you will see how in a short time you will increase your sales!

Forget about trying to follow the social media algorithm, having to post daily to attract customers.

~a client attracted by SEO is cheaper and more accurate
than with Adds or Social Media~

affordable web design for small business

At Web Sirena we work from empathy, and we offer you an affordable budget with a guaranteed growth.

We can show you successful clients with small businesses who are already on the first page of Google!

Did you know that 75% of clicks go to the top 3 positions in Google?

Let's Do This!

our happy clients.

successful website designs for small business

Awesome brands

laptop illustration for Small business web design in holistic field

SEO + Web Design

"Ivana is a born communicator.
She managed to express perfectly what I was looking for.
Super recommended.
My website gave me two new clients in less than a month".

SEO Strategy + Development

"We have had a very good experience with Iva. Her work is precise and she was able to give a new format and clarity to our website. Thank you for your assistance, communication and professionalism".

SEO + Web Design

"Iva is extremely creative and innovative through the process of cultivating a website that delivers the client’s vision overall. She is detailed and a keen listener when it comes to the entire process while exhibiting excellent leadership skills within her expertise. Iva creates space for the client to brainstorm and expand upon their brand allowing for the creative flow and vision to birth while also integrating a collaboration between client and web designer. She is an expert on the SEO process which sets everyone up to win in the long run. I recommend Iva to all my friends, family, and colleagues and will continue to hire her onward".

Say Hello.

Quote with us a website that follows the essence of your business, that is reliable, clean and attractive, and above all, that appears in front of the eyes of your customers!

Small business web design: all you need to know

At Web Sirena, we create beautiful web designs for small businesses, but this kind of website is also a tool that attracts more qualified clients to your business and life.

Why hiring a small business web designer?

As we said before, behind this company there is also an owner with a small business, that’s why you should hire a small business web designer. Because working from empathy and having someone to trust, that at some point was where you are now, is valuable.

We are experienced in SEO and Web Design for small businesses, to make them visible in Google for their clients. There are so many potential clients looking for your products or services, but they cannot buy from you if they cannot find you.  

We promise to accompany you in this beautiful journey to success, because no one should surf this wave alone. When motivation goes down or doubts come to your mind, we’ll be by your side, cheering you, and helping you to not make the same mistakes that every entrepreneur does. We work from our experience, and we will take you on the simple path, but you need to be determined, committed and patient.

Web design for small business: a source of incomes

When you start a business, there is a boost of energy, emotions and optimism. Because we know our idea is amazing, and we want our product or service to help other people. We are very optimistic and happy at that point, and we invest hours creating content, posting on social media, promoting them but we don’t see the results we expect.

And that is the moment when we start losing hope, and we even doubt if our product or service is good enough or if we are made for that profession or passion.

That’s why, I would love it if someone told me before that I needed a SEO Web Design for my small business. If I knew that before, I would save so much time, money and energy, and dedicate myself to enjoy my work and passion instead of worrying about my income every month.

At Web Sirena, we will create your Small Business Web Design and SEO strategy on the way you can enjoy the process and you start seeing results when you least expect it. Reaching to new clients around your city, country or even worldwide if your service is online. Because choosing the right keywords for your niche, will target your most qualified clients. And in this way, you don’t waste time with clients that are not actually your niche.

Small Business Website Designer and SEO Specialist:

Do you know what SEO is? In case you don’t, SEO means Search Engines Optimization and this is the way we work.

The first thing we do in our work process is collect as much information about your business as possible. With this, we can research your best keywords, those words that identify with your products or services, how many people are looking for them and what’s the competition.

Once we elaborate this strategy we will create the architecture of your website. 

If you already know about what SEO is, you probably have seen that most of the companies first focus on the website design and building and after that, they hire a SEO Specialist. And let me tell you that makes no sense. How can you build something without having a plan, a strategy first?

That’s why as a SEO specialist and Small Business Website Designer my work process consists in elaborating your strategy first, in order to create a website with coherence and goals.

Affordable Web Design for Small business

Budget is an important thing for most entrepreneurs and small businesses, that’s why we want to give you alternatives, depending on the type of website you would like to have. 

Considering that at Web Sirena we do 2 works at same time (design + SEO), our work is very affordable and after discussing what you would like to achieve, what type of design or style you want, how many sections your website needs, etc., we can give you a few options for your business.

We really want to help young and meaningful brands to grow, that’s why we can find the solution for you to have an affordable web design for your small business, giving you payment options in order that money does not stop you from having a valuable tool as it is an SEO Web Design.