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Get fully booked directly on your website, and give a trustworthy and warm experience to your guests from the moment they find you.

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A website is the first place where customers search for more information, photos and features about a hotel.

Let’s help you with that, and also to transcend beyond your competition, placing your accommodation in front of your most qualified guests’eyes!


Do you own a boutique hotel, lodge, bnb or hostel?

You are in the right place, at Web Sirena we specialize in presenting your accommodation to your future guests in the most attractive, clean and welcoming way.

In addition, we not only create an attractive website design  but also a customer acquisition strategy.

Our Services: hotel web design

we love what we do.


Gorgeous design

Responsive and eye catching website design that transmits the essence of your brand.


SEO Strategy

Be the first hotel from your city to be in the top of Google results thanks to our profound keyword investigation.


Direct booking platform

Your guests will be able to make their reservations in your website.

website design for hotels

5 reasons to have your own hotel website


official hotel website

An official website is the first place where guests look for hotel information.


Reputation & proximity to your guests

With your digital presence, you will increase direct bookings and your guests will value the proximity when visiting the official website of your space.


Own Website vs. booking platform

Having your own optimized website makes a big difference, compared to the great competition that exists in directories and massive booking platforms, where the only competition is the price.


Branding and communication

A design that transmites the essence of your brand and space.


24x7 automatic seller

Is a 24×7 seller with our integrated SEO strategy.

happy clients: Secret Garden Hostel in Quito, ecuador

website design and SEO for hostels

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SEO and Web Development

SEO and Web Design

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If you have a hotel or any independent accommodation, and want to gain visibility and get fully booked all year, ask now how!

Hotel Website Design: 

As the hotel industry and hotel search engines become increasingly saturated and also there’s more competition, we want to help you with a SEO hotel website design that  brings you customers over the time. And that you do not have to depend on the price compared to the competition of the other accommodations in search engines.

Beautiful design for your hotel website is important, but is not enough:

For our clients, beauty “comes through the eyes”, and if you have a beautiful design on your hotel website, yes, that adds several points, but let me tell you that it is not enough. If that amazing site gets lost on the internet because it lacks of  SEO strategy, your customers will never be able to find you!

So, how to be visible in the vast world that is the internet?

Websites with SEO for hotels:

Did you know that in the sales pyramid, 1 customer who buys from you, 47 postpone the purchase and 150 don’t know you exist? And it may be more than 150! So, to be able to introduce yourself to new people, what you need is a keyword strategy. In other words, an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, in this way, when your potential clients search for your keywords in Google and your hotel appears… voilà! halfway won.

Reach clients not only with accommodation: other services

If at your space you offer other services apart from accommodation, let me tell you that we can get more clients to know you through those services, not only those who are staying at your hotel.

For instance, if you have a restaurant, a bar with a terrace, tours, hiking, or any other service, we can also help you to rank your site in Google with whose services through an SEO strategy.

WEB with SEO for Hotel services and more:

Imagine that you offer a tour to a hidden island and someone is looking for that service. Maybe that person was not looking for a hotel, but when they found your tour service, they then decide to stay with you when they see that you also have accommodation.

Interesting, right?

That is what sets us apart from other companies that design websites for hotels. We want to provide you with a complete service, a keyword strategy so that you can climb positions with more than one service for your potential clients.

SEO and Website Design for hotels: is my client qualified?

When we work in the design of your website’s hotel, we make sure it follows the esence of your brand and the approch is focused in the clients you really want to attract.

The good thing about SEO is that it brings qualified clients to your website: that person that is in your niche. Is not the same a backpacker looking for a hostel, than a family looking for a boutique hotel or an executive looking for deluxe room, isn’t it?

So, that’s the way we work, to make sure the user that will find and navigate on your site is your buyer persona.