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Behind this SEO and Web Design company is an entrepreneur woman that started just like you:

My name is Ivana, but you can call me Iva, am an SEO Web Designer, tech savvy and surf instructor that love to help small and medium brands to achieve their goals and live from their passions.

The Secret Sauce

See why I am different

I am passionate about helping businesses to be successful, and also in my company, with an SEO and Web Design that follows a different rule, will take you to the top of Google.

Yes! Let’s increase the queue of clients waiting for your services, instead of looking for them!

How it works: Search Engines will love your site because the code will be optimized, and the algorithm will increase your visibility.

A transparent process

I do White Hat SEO, which means doing good practices that Search Engines love, with no penalizations.

I also offer you a guarantee: if you do not see results in one year, I'll give you a year FREE of our work.

I listen to my clients carefully

We know how is when you start a business or you don't see results.

That's why, with empathy, I'll listen to your requirements and goals, and make them happen: attracting clients organically to your website.

I provide extra & valuable info

All my clients are accompanied and provided extra help, I do not only focus on your website design and SEO, but also in brand communication, YouTube, Instagram and Google Maps consulting.

Are you ready to surf this wave?

more about me

Ivana Riffel

  • I’m originally from Argentina but I live in Ecuador, by the beach
  • I am a Surf Instructor for Women
  • I love nature and coexisting with animals
  • When I am not in my laptop working, I’m in the ocean
  • I’m very entusiast and love to help other entrepreneurs to succeed
  • I promote a healthy and simple living
  • I have a dog that is 13 years old and travels with me everywhere: Rocco
  • I am the best organizer you can have by your side to take your business to the next level.
Iva Riffel, founder of Web Sirenas: an SEO Web Design Company based in Ecuador available Worldwide

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If you like what I do, and want to invest in your future, together we can make magic happens.